about me

Yoji Nakajima / Yoji “the tomatist” Nakajima


Born and raised in the Hokkaido prefecture in Japan, I started my tomato life when I was a horticultural college student.

I started working in a seed company and had lots of experiences growing tomatoes mainly indeterminate varieties.
after I worked in the company for 11 years, I move to some South American countries to investigate wild tomato species living in a local village in Ancash Peru.

after coming back to Japan, launch a project to try growing and producing tomatoes on the rooftop of building in the city, and participated in some start-up project to grow new Japanese hi-quality tomatoes in overseas as a consultant.

after then, I studied wild tomatoes at TGRC in University California Davis as a visiting scholar in 2020.

now continuing to study wild species growing commercial tomatoes in Hokkaido Japan.