tomato study abroad 2013-2014

What is a tomato study abroad?


This is a study abroad program aimed at re-learning tomatoes, visiting countries and regions that are closely related to tomatoes, such as South America, where is original place of tomatoes, and the European region, which has an important food culture in tomatoes.


The original schedule before starting


the original schedule for tomato abroad study


In South America, the origin of tomatoes and the nature of the tomatoes are examined in what environment and how they grow.
Central America and Mexico are also closely related to tomatoes and are considered to have a significant relationship with tomatoes as edible vegetables from tomatoes as plants.
North America In the United States, there is the institution name of TGRC that focuses on wild tomato research. The purpose is to visit them and listen to various stories about wild tomatoes.
in Europe, visiting several restaurants in the local area to have some tomato menus, in addition, one of the world’s leading horticultural nations, the Netherlands, and Israel with advanced irrigation techniques.


Summary of the project


After I started this project, I was traveling to the United States, Guatemala, and Peru following the original schedule.
but when I was in Peru surveyed some wild species and then, I changed the plan to look for some wild species in all the departments in Peru by motor cycle.

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Yoji the tomatinst with wild tomato in Peru

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