what is the tomatist ?

There are various experts in the world, e.g. Artist, Alpinist, Novelist, Scientist, etc.
The tomatist is one of the experts for all the tomato, as the title.

Tomatoes contain excellent nutrients and have important functions for maintaining our health, and are very important as foods, such as ingredients for making a taste better such as glutamic acid, sourness and sweetness, and the value of delicious vegetables.

For that reason, when you hear “tomato,” you often may think of tomatoes as vegetables or just foods, but there are many other attractions besides what you eat.
those are cuteness like a Mascot, the impact of bright red fruits,  the green gradation of the leaves, the yellow color of the flowers and the red color of the ripe fruits, depending on the location,  the beautiful tomato color of the whole plant is produced.
After managing irrigation and fertilizer, etc., while balancing the cultivation pleasure with good growth response and the growth of leaves and fruits, The depth of aiming for quality fruit harvesting, etc.

I hope to create and introduce new tomato charms and open up new avenues so that we can carry out activities that are valuable to society, andthis activity will increase the number of people interested in tomatoes, through these works.

Thank you,

this explanation is by Yoji Nakajima