"Just a tomato makes you do everything"


How awesome if I were a tomato!

Green sprout growing tomatoes from seedtomato seedlings holded with stakesspring seedling plant of blooming young tomato on blur green background, closeupBeautiful red tomato on tree

Welcome to the amazing tomato world !!

What do you imagine when you hear tomato?
Tomatoes have different attractions besides food and vegetables.
the tomatist try to tell you what's great about tomatoes.

What's Tmatist?

Hot beautiful blond woman model eating tomato, black and white with red clothes and tomato slice

Explains what the Tomatist activity looks like.
The purpose of this activity and the differences in work with tomato farmers, etc.



Nakajima with tomato plants

=> worked in a seed company in Japan
=> investigated about wild tomatoes in South America
=> participated start-up projects to grow a new kind tomato oversee
=> had training about wild tomatoes at TGRC in UCDavis


Tomato Power

Tomato character with barbell

The tomato blog "Tomato Power" managed by Yoji the Tomato.
Explains how to grow tomatoes and cooking, in case of indeterminate variety.

* written in only Japanese.


main works of Yoji the Tomatist

Introduction of the activities of Yoji the Tomatist that have been and will be planned